Car Detailing

Detailing – a complex of restoration services, as well as interior and exterior protection of the car in the most careful, high-quality way, complemented by modern technology, the best materials, professional tools and the work of the most experienced detailer! Professional detailing, polishing, paint correction body and interior preparation. As a result, the customer gets a bright, shiny, perfectly clean and well-maintained car! This service is more for classic/retro, sports and weekend cars.

Our Detailing includes the following services:   


          • Paint Correction                             
          • Headlight Restoration
          • Engine Detailing
      • Fabric & Leather Protection
          • Pet Hair Removal
          • Full Interior Detailing
          • Complete Wheel Detailing
          • Antibacterial Interior Treatment
          • Pets or Specific Odour Removal
          • Full Exterior Detailing
          • Paint Protection Coatings
          • Glass Polishing
          • Leather Treatment & Preservation
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